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Fortnite Teases Chapter 2 Season 2 In Cryptic Tweet


Fortnite Teases Chapter 2 Season 2 In Cryptic Tweet

The official Fortnite twitter tweeted a mysterious encoded message today, leading up to the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 on Thursday of this week.

The tweet features a hinted intercepted transmission, conveniently blacked out, and a strange hand print logo. The internet has been abuzz to uncover the meaning of this hand print, but so far, Fortnite still has the upper hand.

Check out the Tweet for yourself:

This tweet isn’t the first cryptic tease for Chapter 2 Season 2 this week, either. Yesterday, Twitter account @flakespower noticed a strange Fortnite ad in a metro station in Brazil.

Quickly the internet discovered there were multiple mysterious Fortnite ads popping up around the globe, each with a different phone number. Each phone number, when called, relays a different message about “The Agency,” recruitment, and their operations.

The Agency has apparently been selecting players at random and recruiting them for a mysterious task, and just when you think I can’t call this mysterious anymore, coming from Twitter user @FortTory:

So just what is going on? You only have to wait until Thursday, February 20, when Fornite Chapter 2 Season 2 launches, to find out.

For more on Season 2, check out our list of everything Chapter 2 got right, and everything that needs to change moving into Season 2.

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