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Best Crusader King II Mods (CK2 Mods) to Improve Your Experience


Best Crusader King II Mods (CK2 Mods) to Improve Your Experience

Crusader Kings II has been out for many years and fortunately for fans of the popular grand strategy game, there have been plenty of quality mods released over the years to enhance your game, especially now that it’s free to download. Here’s a collection of ten of the best Crusader Kings II mods (CK2) that will enhance your experience whether it’s by making things prettier, adding unique scenarios, or making your life easier while waiting for the next game from Paradox Interactive.

Sketchy Cheat

Best Crusader Kings 2 Mods (CK2)

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Sketchy cheat is a pretty self-explanatory mod but it’s one that a lot of players will find that they can’t play without. What it does is open up a cheat command that will allow you to do… pretty much anything you want.

If you thought you were a powerful ruler before, now you can force people to marry you, have your baby, owe you a favor, do mind control, upgrade buildings, add gold and more. Basically you can do anything and everything.

Visit the Steam Workshop page for Sketchy Cheat by Sketchy for more information and the list of cheats.

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