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Crusader Kings 2 is Now Completely Free to Download

crusader kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 is Now Completely Free to Download

Paradox Interactive is running a big promotion to celebrate its annual PDX Con event, which sees heavy discounts across all the publisher’s games. It also includes a giveaway; the excellent grand strategy Crusader Kings 2 is now completely free over on Steam.

You’ll get the base game only –Crusader Kings 2 has a huge amount of DLC– but that still represents a hefty amount of content.

If you’re not up to speed with the game, here are its key features:

  • Start a game at any point between 1066 and 1337 and play until 1453
  • Pick a Christian lord and make sure his dynasty survives as you play a succession of his descendants through the ages
  • Gain Prestige for every successive character you play, furthering the glory of your Dynasty
  • Expand your feudal domain – and keep it from falling apart
  • Unravel the plots of your courtiers and vassals, each with their own opinions and agendas
  • Take up the Cross and fight the Moor, the Heathen and the Heretic.
  • Defend against the onslaught of the Mongol Horde
  • Struggle with the Pope for control of the bishops
  • Relive the Middle Ages with up to 32 other players in a competitive multiplayer mode

You can also check out its launch trailer circa 2012:

PDX Con 2019 kicks off this weekend over in Berlin, Germany, putting a spotlight on games like Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, Imperator Rome, and Paradox’s latest grand strategy Empire of Sin, which swaps medieval setting for the criminal underworld of 20’s Chicago.

Check out the rest of Paradox’s Steam sale here.

In related news, developer Cyanide’s Werewolf will be showcased at PDX Con, Oct. 19. Director Julien Desourteaux will also present a keynote revealing more information on the game.

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