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Witcher 3 Main Quests: All Main Missions List

Witcher 3 main quests

Witcher 3 Main Quests: All Main Missions List

This guide will talk you through all Witcher 3 main quests that you’ll have to complete in order to finish the game.

The Witcher 3 is one seriously lengthy game, especially if you try and complete all of the side quests and content, too. For those just wanting to know how far through the game’s main storyline they are, or just want to focus on getting the game finished, here’s the entire Witcher 3 main quests list, broken down by act.

All Witcher 3 Main Quests


  • Kaer Morhen
  • Lilac and Gooseberries
  • The Beast of White Orchard
  • The Incident at White Orchard
  • Imperial Audience

Act I

  • The Nilfgaardian Connection
  • Bloody Baron
  • Ciri’s Story: The King of the Wolves
  • Family Matters
  • A Princess in Distress
  • Ciri’s Story: The Race
  • Ciri’s Story: Out of the Shadows
  • Hunting a Witch
  • Wandering in the Dark
  • Ladies of the Wood
  • The Whispering Hillock
  • Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the Bog
  • Pyres of Novigrad
  • Novigrad Dreaming
  • Broken Flowers
  • Get Junior
  • Ciri’s Story: Visiting Junior
  • Count Reuven’s Treasure
  • A Favor for Radovid
  • The Play’s the Thing
  • A Poet Under Pressure
  • Ciri’s Story: Breakneck Speed
  • Destination: Skellige
  • The King Is Dead – Long Live the King
  • Echoes of the Past
  • Missing Persons
  • Nameless
  • The Calm Before the Storm
  • A Mysterious Passenger

Act II – All Witcher 3 Main Quests

  • Ugly Baby
  • Disturbance
  • To Bait a Forktail…
  • The Final Trial
  • No Place Like Home
  • Va Fail, Elaine
  • Brothers in Arms: Velen
  • Brothers in Arms: Novigrad
  • Brothers in Arms: Skellige
  • Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard
  • The Isle of Mists
  • The Battle of Kaer Morhen
  • Blood on the Battlefield


  • Bald Mountain
  • Final Preparations
  • Blindingly Obvious
  • The Great Escape
  • Payback
  • Through Time and Space
  • Battle Preparations
  • The Sunstone
  • Veni Vidi Vigo
  • Child of the Elder Blood
  • Skjall’s Grave
  • On Thing Ice
  • Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age
  • Something Ends, Something Begins

Once you’ve completed that final quest, you’ll have finished all of the main story quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. That doesn’t mean you’re done, though, as you can always start the expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine which offers hours upon hours more content.

There you have all Witcher 3 main quests. You can head on over to our Witcher 3 guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and information.

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