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The Witcher 3: Bloody Baron Quest Walkthrough Guide


The Witcher 3: Bloody Baron Quest Walkthrough Guide

Love or death, you choose.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is full of missions, contracts, side activities, and interesting non-playable characters. Meeting some of these NPCs injects a bit of humor and excitement into the game, and it’s a nice way to further the main story. But, sometimes you can do much more than just meet these characters and do a simple quest. There are times when you can delve into the background of these masterfully crafted individuals and affect their lives in truly meaningful ways. One such opportunity is with the Bloody Baron.

Players will come across the Bloody Baron when they travel to Crow’s Perch as part of the main quest line. He has information regarding Ciri that Geralt desperately needs. Of course, the Bloody Baron isn’t willing to just part it out of pure niceness. He too is having some difficulty with his daughter, and wife for that matter, and requires the assistance of a Witcher.

The Bloody Baron requests that you help him with his family who has, according to him and his spotty memory, been kidnapped. What follows is Geralt uncovering the truth behind the Baron’s broken family, and the first major choice that needs to be made during this quest line as part of the Family Matters quest. It turns out that the Bloody Baron’s wife had a miscarriage and it threw the violent husband into a rampage. The baby has become a Botchling (a tormented creature formed out of an unwanted, dead baby), and in order to help set things straight, it needs to be dealt with. You can either fight it, or turn it into a Lubberkin which will allow for a proper burial as well as help with the whole finding the Baron’s wife and daughter thing. Once completed, Geralt will be able to locate Tamara and find out a bit of info regarding the Baron’s wife, Anna.

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