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Oculus Quest Sold $5 Million of Content on Christmas Day, Says Facebook

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Oculus Quest Sold $5 Million of Content on Christmas Day, Says Facebook

Speaking during Facebook’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, and as reported by UploadVR, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that spending on the Oculus Quest storefront during Christmas day totaled $5 million.

While it’s difficult to quantify exactly how much of a success the figure represents for Quest, Zuckerberg said the sales were “stronger than expected.”

An interesting comparison that UploadVR notes is that Facebook touted the same figure after Oculus Quests’ first two weeks on the market. So for Quest to have matched its two-week launch window revenue in a single day is impressive.

Other comments made during the call that allude to the success of Facebook’s VR efforts were made the CFO David Wehner, who said that “year over year growth was driven by sales of Oculus Quest.”

Quests’ strong sales performance is certainly in line with predictions from developers and analysts who believe the headset will help take VR mainstream in 2020.

As Twinfinite learned from a number of sources it spoke to on the matter, the headset’s intuitive designed, untethered functionality, and its sharp price point are expected to finally see the medium appeal to an audience beyond niche enthusiasts.

For a deep dive into the subject and to hear supporting commentary from developers and analysts on the matter, do check out our recent feature on how Quest could change the VR industry in the near future.

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