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Hades “The Long Winter” Update Trailer Shows New Weapons, Keepsake, Fishing, & More

hades, long winter update

Hades “The Long Winter” Update Trailer Shows New Weapons, Keepsake, Fishing, & More

Developer Supergiant Games’ Rogue-like Hades has made Early Access progress today with a substantial update. Called The Long Winter, the update both adds a host of new content and makes some notable improvements to gameplay, presentation, and performance. There’s so much to review, in fact, The Long Winter even gets its own trailer to showcase all the changes.

A message included with today’s patch notes was included, which we’ll list below along with the biggest takeaways from the update. For the full patch notes you’ll want to visit Hades’ community hub. There’s far too much to list here.

We wanted to start the year off with a bang with this Major Update! It features a new Olympian, a new weapon variant, new activities, more story, and many other improvements. We plan to follow up with a couple of smaller patches while keeping a close eye on your feedback. Thank you very much for playing!

Patch 036 The Long Winter Highlights:

– Demeter: the Goddess of Seasons brings winter to the Underworld! Seek out her powerful Boons

– Rod of Fishing: capture (& sell!!) Underworld river denizens with this new House Contractor item

– Aspect of Guan Yu: earn this unique new Aspect of the Eternal Spear, and vanquish your foes!

– Underworld Decor Galore: scores of new items are available at the newly renovated House Contractor!

– New Legendary Keepsake: forge an unbreakable bond with Dusa, and summon her to petrify your foes

– Boon Info & Victory Screen Update: pin multiple Boons onscreen for easy reference and sharing

– New Daedalus Hammer Upgrades: look for multiple new upgrades for each weapon

– New Story Events: uncover new secrets in hours of added narrative (with more than 1,000 new voice lines)

You can check out the trailer below.

Hades is available on both Steam and the Epic Game Store, despite originally being revealed as an EGX exclusive.

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