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Godfall Footage Leaks; Later Confirmed to be Real, but Is a Year Old


Godfall Footage Leaks; Later Confirmed to be Real, but Is a Year Old

Earlier today, a reported leak (or possibly marketing stunt as Eurogamer points out) of new footage of Godfall surfaced online. Godfall, in case The Game Awards are already a distant memory, is the melee-focused looter-slasher coming from developer Counterplay Games and published by Borderlands 3 developer, Gearbox. You can take a look at the full video below if you’d like.

It was initially teased on Reddit yesterday and then dumped online the following day. At first, it was unclear exactly what we were looking at, but just a little while ago the people behind the official Godfall Twitter acknowledged the footage and confirmed exactly what the footage was.

So a couple of important things to splice out here. This is not PlayStation 5 footage. Yes, this is an early peek into what Godfall, an anticipated next-gen game, might play like, but it’s not yet a look at what the PS5 will be capable of at launch.

Also, it’s year-old footage and it’s worth pointing out the obvious that Godfall might look or play very differently than what is being shown.

All that aside, it’s still an interesting look at what is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games for the start of the next generation of home consoles.

Hopping onto Twitter and searching Godfall will present you with a lot of discourse. There’s a mix of positive buzz, negative reactions, and everything in between. The usual kind of stuff you would expect when you’re dealing with anything related to “console wars”, next-generation titles, and just high-profile video games in general.

Either way, Godfall definitely has people talking. It had an impressive debut at The Game Awards, and the footage we’re seeing today, even if it’s a bit old and rougher than what an official gameplay trailer would probably look like in 2020, looks promising as well.

The Godfall team in their tweet teased that a more detailed look would be coming soon, so let’s see what happens then.

So far Godfall is confirmed to be released on PS5 & PC via the Epic Games Store.

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