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The Biggest Snubs & Head-Scratchers from The Game Awards 2019


The Biggest Snubs & Head-Scratchers from The Game Awards 2019

Disclaimer: Let’s kick this off by saying Twinfinite has our own awards that we give out every year. We never get mad about what any other entity picks as their winners because it’s A: Their opinion and they’re entitled to it and B: We can just go ahead and name our own winner, which we do, and leave it at that!

Unless of course it’s Serral somehow not even getting nominated for the best esports player of 2018, but that’s a whole other story.

Still, The Game Awards is such a successful, well-run, and entertaining event that it’s fun to do a little backseat judging and debating around the water cooler the next day.

So let’s get judgy shall we?

Best Ongoing Support – Winner: Fortnite

What Should Have Won: Final Fantasy XIV

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Despite what the haters will tell you, there’s no shame in picking Fortnite to win this award. Fortnite is one of the most well-supported games in the industry right now; and as well it should be considering it brings in truckloads of money for Epic Games.

That said, if there was a year to not give the award to Fortnite, it would be the year that Final Fantasy XIV added on a full-on S-Tier JRPG story into their already loaded MMORPG via the incredible Shadowbringers expansion.

Seriously, one of the best Final Fantasy stories of all-time now exists within Final Fantasy XIV. Shadowbringers is that good.

This is all on top of the regular content updates that the game receives on a regular basis that consistently improve all areas of the game, including crafting, hardcore, casual, solo, roleplaying and more.

You could pick Final Fantasy XIV every year since A Realm Reborn if we’re being real. But if I had to pick one year for it definitely win, it would have been 2019.

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