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We Happy Few’s Final DLC, We All Fall Down, Receives Release Date & New Trailer

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We Happy Few’s Final DLC, We All Fall Down, Receives Release Date & New Trailer

The final DLC to We Happy Few, We All Fall Down, will be released next week on Nov. 19. It will see the culmination of the game’s post-vanilla story and will also be adding long-requested features to the game.

Here’s the most noteworthy bits of new content being added with We All Fall Down via Triple Point PR.

  • Story content starring Victoria Byng as she tries to free Wellington Wells of their Joy addiction once and for all.
  • New combat weapons including a Whip and a Dart Gun (for quiet takedowns).
  • Rooftop traversal which will be featured in the DLC’s story.
  • The elimination of survival elements including eating, sleeping, and crafting.

This appears to be a more action-focused entry to We Happy Few which will likely be music the ears of many fans that enjoyed the story, themes, and the overall vibe that We Happy Few had, but didn’t like being bogged down by survival elements that felt out of place.

That’s the general feeling that our review editor Zhi got when she published her review back in August of 2018.

Not that long ago I played through the game myself and did something I rarely ever do: turn the game to it’s easiest difficulty. Not because I found the game particularly difficult, but it was just more enjoyable when I wasn’t constantly bogged down with stealth and survival elements.

Personally, I haven’t bothered with We Happy Few DLC, but I have to admit that We All Fall Down does check a lot of boxes of things I was hoping to see out of the game. Developer Compulsion Games developed these new features around feedback they received, so it’s likely that a lot of fans reading this are in the same boat as myself.

If you want to give it a go it will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 7 for $7.99. You can also give the trailer a view below if you want to see it in action.

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