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Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Explained: What It Is, How It Works & More

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Wild Area Explained: What It Is, How It Works & More

If you bought Pokemon Sword and Shield or are thinking about getting the games, you might be wondering what the Wild Area is and why you should care about it. Here is everything you need to know about the Wild Area.

What is the Wild Area?

The Wild Area is a central region in Galar that you first visit very early in the game (even before the first gym) and return to throughout your journey. It is the only open world section of the game.

This is also the only area in the game where you can move the camera freely around you, giving you a brand new perspective for the first time in a Pokemon game.

What Can You Do in the Wild Area?

There are a number of fun things that you can do each time you visit the Wild Area.

Max Raid Battles

max raid battle, wild area

Max Raid Battles are one of the main attractions. When you see a pink or purple beam of light coming out of a den, that’s how you know there is an active raid ready to battle.

When you interact with the beam of light, it will show you a silhouette of a Pokemon and its typing. You can choose to team up with NPCs or other people online, and if you defeat the Pokemon in battle, you can try to catch it.

Keep in mind that these Pokemon are in their Dynamax forms, so they can be difficult to take down. The difficulty of the battle is indicated by the number of stars shown.

Max Raid Battles are worth doing not only because you have the chance to catch rare Pokemon that are only found in raids, but you also get prizes (such as exp. candy, Dynamax candy, berries, and TRs).

If you see a glowing raid den that doesn’t have a beacon of light, you should still interact with it anyway, because you can find Watts. You can also use an item called a Wishing Piece to spawn a raid Pokemon in an uninhabited den.

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