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New Dead Cells “Corrupted” Update Makes 83 Changes, Including New Biome

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New Dead Cells “Corrupted” Update Makes 83 Changes, Including New Biome

Developer Motion Twin has today announced the arrival of a big new patch for its critically acclaimed rogue-lite, Dead Cells. Called the Corrupted Update, it makes 83 changes and adds all-new content to the game.

A new mini biome mirrors Prison Depths, offering shorter challenges featuring one cursed chest at the beginning. A new item called Scroll Fragments have also been introduced, which can be combined to make a whole triple scroll.

Also, there’s a new meta upgrade that’s unlockable after beating the Hand of the King, and it’s designed for players tackling the game’s higher difficulty levels. Called Recycling Tubes, it replaces the starting gear with four sets of five random items (melee, range, shield and two skills) and players can choose which one to start with.

Elsewhere in the Corrupted Update, there’s the Explorer’s Instinct, a new rune which reveals the whole map and points of interest, and a complete rebalancing of the biomes and paths.

And the final noteworthy new content addition comes in the form of three new Tactics mutations:

  • Crows Feet – allows players to place up to nine Crow’s Feet on the ground to damage and slow enemies
  • Tactical Retreat – slow nearby enemies, preventing them from inflicting malaise by dodging them just in time
  • Networking – links all enemies that have a projectile lodged in them, sharing damage taken by one with all linked baddies.

You can read the full list of Corrupted Update patch notes here.

Dead Cells is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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