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Death Stranding Patch 1.05 is Live, Notes are Vague

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Death Stranding Patch 1.05 is Live, Notes are Vague

Death Stranding has a new update that went live this morning, but what it does specifically isn’t clear.

Patch 1.05 is 1.048 GB and the patch notes simply read “various performance improvements.” Er, great!

I’ve played the game for an hour both before and after the update and I haven’t noticed anything significant.

That leads me to believe it’s all behind the scenes sort of stuff to improve loading speeds and make various optimizations. Unfortunately, then, there’s no end to the annoying cut-scenes whenever you’re building a structure, offloading cargo, or encountering time fall.

Come on Kojima, don’t leave us hanging too long for what we’re really after!

Today’s patch follows on from a previous one over the weekend with similarly vague patch notes — though they were technically twice as detailed as today’s. Patch 1.04 reads:

  • Various performance improvements
  • Multiple problems fixed

Despite the brief patch notes becoming somewhat of a trend for Death Stranding, we are expecting something more extensive in the coming hours. We’ll be sure to update this post as and when we hear more on patch 1.05.

Twinfinite is still busy reviewing Death Stranding so you can be sure that our final impressions will be extremely thorough. Until then, you can check out our extensive guide coverage right here.

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