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The Outer Worlds: All Console Commands

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The Outer Worlds: All Console Commands

If you’re playing The Outer Worlds on PC, you have the opportunity to exert a little more control over your gaming experience via the Unreal Engine 4 console. Here’s how to do so and a list of all console commands in The Outer Worlds.

How to Unlock the Console

Access to The Outer Worlds console isn’t something you can do without first downloading an additional file. Namely, SunBeam’s The Outer Worlds Unlocker, which can be downloaded here. It’s not all that complicated but we do highly recommend you visit the Nexus Mods page and read the step-by-step tutorial as written by user stoker25.

All Console Commands in The Outer Worlds

Below you can find a compilation of all console commands that we’ve found for the game. This has been pulled from both stoker25’s install guide and a Nexus forum post by uhuruNUru.

  • Infinite HP – god
  • Change fov – fov XX
  • Pauses the game – pause
  • Flycam – toggledebugcamera
  • Changing variables – enter the variable name followed by the value, eg. r.MaxAnisotropy 16 to set the r.MaxAnisotropy value to 16. (not all cvars can be changed at runtime though: some you will have to edit in the Engine.ini instead)
  • HUD toggle: ShowHUD command
  • Adding currency: AddCurrency xxxx 1 (change xxxx to the amount)
  • Bugged “Passion Pills” quest fix: QuestStart Passion
  • Alternate quest fix (skips the pills quest and just adds the companion directly): DebugUnlockCompanion 4
  • Saving game manually (even on supernova): SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0

That should be everything you need to know about how to unlock the console and what all the commands are in The Outer Worlds. For more useful information and guides on the game, please refer to our extensive guide wiki.

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