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Outer Worlds: How to Get Vicar Max as a Companion

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Outer Worlds: How to Get Vicar Max as a Companion

One of the key features of The Outer Worlds is its companion system, letting you bring an assortment of colorful characters along on your adventures. While some companions will join your group automatically, others, like Vicar Max, take a bit of work. Here’s how to get Vicar Max as a companion in Outer Worlds.

How to Get Vicar Max as a Companion in Outer Worlds

Vicar Max is a character that you’ll meet quite early on in Outer Worlds, on the starting planet of Terra 2. When you’re in the town of Edgewater head to the church and find Max in the left-hand room.

Talk to him and you can start the Illuminated Manuscript quest. You’ll have to complete this quest if you want him to join you, so here’s a quick walkthrough.

First talk to Vicar Max in the church in Edgewater, where he’ll give you the Illustrated Manuscript quest. You’ll have the location marked on your map, so head there and kill all the Marauders around the Collector’s House then go inside.

Investigate the terminal and you’ll find out that the manuscript was moved to a cave. Head to the new location and be careful when you enter the cave as there are mines at the entrance. Shoot the mines to blow them up. Now just take the manuscript back to Max and complete the quest.

During the dialogue options you can select to let Max follow you, and once you leave Terra 2 he’ll meet you at your ship and become a companion.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Here’s how to complete Vicar Max’s quest:

  1. The location will be marked on the map so head there and take out all the Marauders.

  2. Go inside the collector’s house and use the terminal. You’ll find out the manuscript was moved to a cave.

  3. Head to the cave but be careful of the mines. You can shoot the mines from a distance to blow them up.

  4. Find the manuscript in a chest, then take it back to Vicar Max.

Once you’ve brought the manuscript back, make sure you select the dialogue choices that say you want Vicar Max to join you.

He won’t be an available companion immediately, though, as you’ll first need to get the parts to get your ship back in order. Once you’re ready to leave Terra 2, Max will meet you at your ship and join your crew.

He’s a pretty tough companion that can help boost your hacking skills to boot.

Now that you know how to get Vicar Max as a companion in Outer Worlds, you can also see through his companion quest to translate the manuscript you found.

For more tips and info make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki. In the meantime, here area few more guides to look at.

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