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Mecha Knights: Nightmare Inspired by Muv-Luv & Armored Core In an Impressive Game by a Solo Developer

Mecha Knights

Mecha Knights: Nightmare Inspired by Muv-Luv & Armored Core In an Impressive Game by a Solo Developer

Nowadays games can have teams of hundreds of developers, which is why solo projects can be so impressive. Enter Mecha Knights: Nightmare.

Nowadays games can have teams of hundreds of developers behind their creation, which is why when I see something impressive made by a single person, I absolutely have to share it. Enter Mecha Knights: Nightmare.

The project has been in development for two years by solo developer Damian Kubiak from Poland, and it recently appeared on Steam.

It’s a single-player post-apocalyptic mecha action game in which you have to pilot your fully-customizable giant robot against hordes of

Set in 2049, the story depicts a scenario in which monsters of unknown origin have appeared on Earth, and they’re gradually pishing humanity back.

Among the sources of inspiration the creator cites Armored Core, Front Mission, Earth Defence Force, Resident Evil, Blue Gender, and Muv-Luv.

Below you can read an official description.


In the year 2049 at the peak of the Second Cold War, an all-out conflict between N.A.T.O and the Russia-China alliance is about to break out. In the midst of the tension, an enigmatic incident sends the world into an apocalyptic war. Nightmarish creatures of unknown origin suddenly begin to appear, plunging the world into terror and chaos.

A young American pilot, Ethan, is caught in the middle of it all, as untold horrors break out on the surface of the planet. He will have to battle endless hordes of monsters in his Mobile Armor, a powerful customizable Mech.

Single-Player Campaign

See the story through the eyes of an ace pilot. Fight for humanity’s survival through 20 campaign missions, working as a part of the N.A.T.O forces.

Be part of large-scale operations, pushing your Mobile Armors to the brink of their capabilities. Choose your Mech and engage hundreds of bizarre creatures in epic battles, gaining weapons, equipment and resources along the way to upgrade and customize your Mech.

Deep Mech Customization

Engage the enemy on your terms! Develop an all-round Mech, built to do everything at once, or specialize it, allowing for devastating long-range barrages of high-velocity guns, or get up close with flame throwers and double-gatling guns.

Choose from among a wide variety of mechs and weapons. Customize over 20 elements of your Mobile armour. Equip unique parts such as mine throwers, air support modules or weapon cooling systems.

About the developer

This is a one man passion-project. Mecha Knights is my attempt to create the Mech game I always wanted to play. I’ve wanted to combine the elements from games like Armored Core, Front Mission, Earth Defence Force and even Resident Evil, in an apocalyptic war theme that could be seen in animes such as Muv- Luv and Blue Gender.

A game where it’s not just you, the player, that is winning the whole war as a one-man army, but rather that you take part in larger operations – where you and your allies fight hundreds of enemies.

A game where extensive customization and progression allows you to develop your own Mech, while the game keeps you engaged with the story of the soldiers.

If you’re wondering why I’m so impressed, look no further than the video below, alongside a few screenshots.

The release window listed on Steam is fall 2020, and you can be sure I’ll keep an eye on this one.

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