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Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Beat Piano Ghost Boss

Luigi's Mansion 3, how to beat piano ghost boss

Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Beat Piano Ghost Boss

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the latest iteration in the long-running franchise that is developed by Next Level Games for the Nintendo Switch. The story focuses, once again, on Luigi who is tasked with a very tough mission to rescue Mario and the rest of the gang. If you’re having trouble with this particular fight, here’s how to beat the piano ghost boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to Beat Piano Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Phase 1

Okay, so once you walk up to the stage in the theatre, the boss will start the first phase of this fight by throwing all of the seats in the theater section by section. So all you need to do is run around and dodge the flying chairs until they’ve all been destroyed.

Phase 2

After all of the chairs have been destroyed, the musician will summon several ghosts that are all wearing masks. You just need to fight them like you would other basic ghosts but you first need to suck their masks off of their face before they can be stunned with the strobe light.

Phase 3

At this point, the musician will take over the piano itself and it will come to life and it will begin to thrash about the theater. While it’s jumping about, all you need to do is avoid it, which shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

After a minute or so, the piano will go back to the stage and it will start to throw bombs around the area. You need to avoid the red bombs that are about to blow up and focus on sucking up the other black bombs and then once you have one in your vacuum, shoot it at the piano by pressing ZL while still holding ZR.

Once you blow up the piano, you will then need to shoot a plunger at the marked spot on the front of the piano and then pull it down to slam it on the ground.

Once you do all of this, you will now be able to use the strobe light on the piano ghost boss and finally deal damage by sucking him up.

Just rinse and repeat these methods and then the piano ghost boss will be defeated before you know it.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to beat the piano ghost boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3:

  1. Avoid the flying chairs when the boss throws them at you.

  2. Defeat the small ghosts by pulling off their masks.

  3. Avoid the jumping piano and then once the bombs are being thrown, suck up the black ones and then shoot it back at the piano.

  4. Now, use the plunger to pull the piano down and then you’ll finally be able to cause damage to the ghost.

And that’s all you need to know about how to beat the piano ghost boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. For more Luigi’s Mansion 3 content, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide and our scored review.

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