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Helldivers Adds New Mode and Changes in Free Major Update This Week


Helldivers Adds New Mode and Changes in Free Major Update This Week

Helldivers, the difficult cooperative twin-stick shooter for PlayStation 4 and PC, will be receiving a free major update this week with a new game mode and other changes.

The update will change the game’s title to Helldivers: Dive Harder, but will be free to all players who own the base game.

It will include a new game mode called Proving Grounds, “a unique replayable mission that takes place in a city, purpose built as a training facility.”

Proving Grounds tasks up to four players to complete a random objective under difficulty modifiers and certain conditions, such as shotguns only or a new weapon appearing after every reload.

“There are three different Proving Grounds available during a Galactic Campaign and they unlock as the campaign proceeds,” developer Arrowhead Game Studios wrote in a blog post. “At the end of the campaign all three Proving Grounds resets. New Proving Grounds unlocks in the next Galactic Campaign, with new combinations of challenges, modifiers and conditions.”

Helldivers: Dive Harder will allow players to save three weapon loadout or let the game choose a random loadout. The update will also include tweaks and balance changes with patch notes revealed soon.

Those who own the base game will be able to download the update on Friday, Oct. 25 at 7:01 a.m. ET.

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