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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Golem Island Location: How to Start the Raid & Where It Is

ghost recon breakpoint golem island

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Golem Island Location: How to Start the Raid & Where It Is

Golem Island is the location for Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Raid. This will put players’ through their paces as they take on incredibly tough enemies alongside their friends. While Golem Island is technically accessible from the beginning of the game, some players are struggling to figure out how to start the raid and where exactly it is. This Ghost Recon Breakpoint Golem Island guide will answer all of your questions so you can start the Raid.

Where Golem Island Is in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Golem Island Location
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Golem Island Location

First things first, let’s point out where Golem Island actually is. It can be found in the top right-hand corner of your map of the world when you look at it, though it is covered by some clouds.

Unfortunately, you can’t just make your way over to this on your own whenever you want. To start the Raid, you’ll have to go and do something else.

Starting the Golem Island Raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To actually begin the Raid, you’ll need to make your way to Erewhon, that little hub location you arrive at near the very beginning of the game.

Here, you’ll need to look out for Jericho, a female NPC using a laptop near the War Room and by Mads Shultz who has a mission for you toward the beginning of the game, too.

Speak to her and she’ll then be able to give you access to Golem Island. However, there is one caveat. You’ll need to increase your gear score up to 150 before you can even start it.

It’s worth noting that at this moment in time, the raid hasn’t yet gone live. At least you’ve got a bit of time to work on raising your gear score in preparation.

How to Increase Gear Score to 150

Gear score, as we noted in our guide, is an average of the score of all of your currently equipped gear. The best way to increase your overall gear score is to focus on doing the following activities:

  • Finding and crafting weapon blueprints.
  • Finding weapon crates hidden throughout the world.
  • Completing missions to earn better gear naturally.
  • Visiting ‘Shops’ to buy gear that’s higher than what you currently have equipped.

Once you’ve cleared out a majority of Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s main story content, you’ll be close or will have surpassed a 150 Gear Score. Then all you need to do is return to Jericho and you’ll be able to take on the Golem Island raid alongside others whenever you want.

That’s everything you need to know on where to find Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Golem Island and how to start the raid. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides below.

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