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Destiny 2: How to Turn On Subtitles & Turn Them Off

destiny 2 subtitles

Destiny 2: How to Turn On Subtitles & Turn Them Off

The world of Destiny 2 has just been opened up to a whole new group of players thanks to the release of Destiny New Light, allowing players to check out the worlds of the game completely free. Whether you’re just starting out for the first time today, or you’re a returning player diving into the new Shadowkeep expansion, here’s how to turn on subtitles in Destiny 2.

Turning on Subtitles in Destiny 2

First things first, you’ll need to load up your Guardian so you’ve made it to at least the Tower, or you’re looking at your map of the various planets, known as the Director.

From here, you’ll want to press Options on PS4, the Menu button on Xbox One, or Esc on PC to open your character. Next, press R1/ RB/ or just left-click on the ‘Settings’ option along the top.

Next, you’re going to select the ‘Accessibility’ option in the bottom right corner of this menu. You’ll now be see the ‘Subtitles’ option, which you’re then able to toggle on and off, as well as a ‘Language Based’ default option.

Turning Subtitles Off

If you no longer require subtitles in the game, or they’re distracting you too much from everything else that’s going on, you can turn them off by simply heading to the ‘Accessibility’ menu via the steps above again and then selecting the ‘Disabled’ option from the dropdown Subtitles menu.

Turning on Destiny 2 Subtitles

  1. Open your ‘Character’ screen.

  2. Tab over to ‘Settings’

  3. Select ‘Accessibility’

  4. Select ‘Enabled’ from the Subtitles dropdown menu.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know regarding Destiny 2 subtitles. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Destiny 2 Shadowkeep guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or read some more of our guides for the expansion below.

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