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Destiny 2: How to Get Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle

Destiny 2 Monte Carlo

Destiny 2: How to Get Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has arrived and that means there’s a whole host of new exotic gear for players to get their hands on. Here’s how to get Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2.

Getting Monte Carlo in Destiny 2

Monte Carlo is obtained via random world drops in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. That means that you’re not going to find a specific exotic quest you can go and complete to get this. Similarly, the Monte Carlo can’t be bought from Xur, so for now you’re going to have to try your luck with the RNG gods.

Exotic engrams are going to be one of the best chances to get the Monte Carlo in Destiny 2 and will drop randomly by completing various activities, be it a Strike, Raid, or otherwise.

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to guarantee yourself an exotic engram drop in Destiny 2, and even once you’ve got one, there’s no way to tell exactly what exotic gear you’re going to get.

The best way to farm exotic engrams we’ve found is to complete the Garden of Salvation if you can level your Guardian up enough to beat it.

There are plenty of opportunities to open chests from completing activities in the Garden of Salvation, which will net you an ‘exotic chest.’ In other worlds, they’ll all have a chance of dropping a Year 3 exotic, including Monte Carlo.

Information, Perks & More

The Monte Carlo has two perks, which we’ve listed down below:

  • Exotic Perk: Monte Carlo Method – Dealing damage with this weapon reduces your melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill.
  • Second Unique Perk: Markov Chain – This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon. Melee kills grant ammo for this weapon.

These perks combine together to make for an exotic auto rifle that’ll really compliment melee-focused builds or those who like to get up close and personal. Dealing damage with it reduces your melee, which, when you get kills from it will increase the weapon’s damage and grant additional ammo. It’s a winner all around.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Destiny 2 Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle in Shadowkeep and beyond. For more tips, tricks, and guides for this latest expansion, be sure to check out our Shadowkeep guide wiki.

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