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Surge 2: How to Unlock New Game Plus & What’s Different

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Surge 2: How to Unlock New Game Plus & What’s Different

Just as was the case in its predecessor, The Surge 2 features a New Game Plus mode that offers additional challenges once the game has been beaten. Here we’ll run through exactly what that is comprised of and how the content differs from the first game.

Obviously, we’re going to be talking about end-game content, so if you’d rather not know precisely what’s in store then don’t read on — just rest assured that there is a New Game Plus mode and it does add more content to the game.

How to Unlock New Game Plus in The Surge 2

The mode is automatically unlocked once players have beaten the game a single time. There’s no need to do anything. Beating the game will unlock a second “++” version, and so on and so forth for each completion.

What is Different

While The Surge did offer a New Game Plus mode, there wasn’t much in the way of new content besides a few small secrets scattered sporadically throughout. The Surge 2 introduces more tangible changes beyond just difficulty this time around.

Most notably, there’s a new, short playable sequence at the beginning of your first New Game Plus playthrough, which takes place in in the plane, before it crashes.

As for enemy types, Nanohumanoids will sometimes replace basic enemy-types anywhere in the game, which increases difficulty.

Furthermore, Nanofied enemies in the second half of the game will gain more nano bodyparts for each successful playthrough. In this way, they will scale with every completion.

Lastly, you’ll be able to craft when you have reached the max MK20 gear level.

That is everything there is to know about how to unlock New Game Plus and what is different about the mode in The Surge 2. For more useful information and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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