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Surge 2: How to Graffiti Tag/Where to Find Graffiti Drone

The Surge 2, How to Graffiti Tag/Where to Find the Graffiti Drone

Surge 2: How to Graffiti Tag/Where to Find Graffiti Drone

If you’ve been wondering how to graffiti tag surfaces in The Surge 2, or where you’re supposed to find the Graffiti Drone to begin with, we’re here to help you along with a guide.

Where to Find the Graffiti Drone and How to Graffiti Tag in Surge 2

As you make your way through the Surge 2, you’ll find a number of different drones with different abilities you can equip.

One in particular, however, is easy to miss: The Graffiti Drone, an optional drone which allows you to tag surfaces with different patterns to serve as hints to other players. These can range from a symbol showing the presence of good loot to arrows pointing toward a safe route through an area to help them avoid troublesome enemies.

To get this drone though, you’ll need to go off of the beaten path a bit. After reaching the JCPD spawn point, head out toward the riverside street. As you approach the bridge at the end of the street, you should see a gate on the left.

This gate will only be unlocked after you’ve cleared the bridge and the sewer that follows it, so proceed through the area and clear out the necessary enemies. After you do, you should loop around and reach an Exo Rift that will open the gate.

Head through the gate and past the civilian inside. This should take you to a path with an opening to jump down on the right. Jump down, and you’ll see the Graffiti drone on the left-hand side.

So, to recap to find the Graffiti Drone:

  1. Start from the JCPD spawn point and head out along the riverside street

    This will take you to a bridge with a locked gate to the left of it.

  2. Clear the Bridge and the area that follows it

    Doing so will allow you to unlock the gate as you circle back around to where you started.

  3. Go through the gate and look for a place you can jump down to on your right

    Once you jump down, the Drone will be on your left.

How to Tag

Once you have The Surge 2’s Graffiti Drone, using it to tag surfaces and leave messages for other players is a simple matter.

Aim at the ground where you want to leave a message and activate the drone. The game will then allow you to choose which pattern you want to leave.

And That’s all there is to how to graffiti tag and where to find the Graffiti Drone in The Surge 2. For more on the game, check out our feature on why The Surge 2 should be on every Bloodborne fan’s radar.

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