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Star Wars Battlefront II Finally Removes Loot Boxes


Star Wars Battlefront II Finally Removes Loot Boxes

Yes, you’re reading that headline right, and no, it’s not 2018. Star Wars Battlefront II released its latest update today. The “Cooperation Update” is one of the largest the game has seen this year. It brings not only a new planet and character, but marks the return of the Instant Action mode.

There’s a smaller change, however, that’s gone relatively unnoticed. A “Community Transmission” detailing the changes of the update noted that “Daily Crates have been removed. In order to offer the same Credit payout on a daily basis, we will be expanding Daily Quests from 3 to 4 in a future update.”

Loot boxes had a great deal of controversy surround their integral inclusion in the game’s progression. Developers were quick to delay the planned post-launch content in order to divert their focus to overhauling this flawed system.

Four short months later, loot boxes as we knew them were nearly gone from the game. At this point, they existed in two forms. Players were able to purchase appearance bundle crates, which granted them unique cosmetic items. These items were typically four skins belonging to a given faction, one for each multiplayer class. This system was recently removed, allowing players to instead purchase these skins directly. This could be done with credits earned in-game, or by purchasing Crystals, an alternative premium currency only available through microtransactions.

Once cosmetic crates were gone, Star Wars Battlefront II was left with all but one form of loot box: The Daily Crate.

Daily Crates award login bonuses to players, usually 500 credits. Daily Crates can be earned once every 24 hours, but in order to claim their bonus, players would have to manually open each crate, and sit through a several second animation. This became an issue once crates began to accumulate. Players would have dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of daily crates sitting in their inventory.

Developers quickly became aware of the growing boredom for this passive earning method, and placed greater emphasis on Daily Quests. These quests ranged from things like “Kill X Amount of Players with X Weapon” to “Play X Amount of Matches on X Map.”

Payouts were similar, if not higher than that of the Daily Crate. In some special instances, this system was even used to reward players with unique hero appearances. Take this past May for example. Shortly after the inclusion of the Capital Supremacy mode, players were asked to band together participate in an event requiring them to capture a certain amount of command posts. Their reward? Princess Leia’s iconic appearance from A New Hope.

Credit: Newsweek

These appearances typically remain exclusive to those who participated in the event, unavailable for later purchase. This looks to be the case once more, with the noted Daily Quest expansion.

In October, players will be able to unlock an emote for Darth Maul, as well as a Luke Skywalker skin via Community Quests.

star wars battlefront farmboy luke

The final removal of loot crates bodes well for this game’s future. The shift from passive login bonuses to engaging events is yet another welcome change in a long line of incremental, but greatly appreciated improvements. If the most recent update is any indication, there is hope yet for Star Wars Battlefront II.

Read more about the Cooperation Update here.

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