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Rockstar Details Next Red Dead Online Update; Reveals New Specialist Roles

Red Dead Online

Rockstar Details Next Red Dead Online Update; Reveals New Specialist Roles

Rockstar has officially unveiled Red Dead Online’s next update, and its got some promising content in store for those who want a more focused role in online play.

In a post to Rockstar Games’ official website, the developer detailed a new update to Red Dead Online set to drop on Sept. 10. A key aspect of the update is the introduction of three new Specialist Roles; new focuses players can apply to their play styles as part of the game’s planned Frontier Pursuits mechanic that offer new abilities, active bonuses and more.

Three roles are currently planned to be introduced to Red Dead Online players: The Bounty Hunter, who chases down dangerous outlaws for a reward on their own or with a posse; The Trader, who hunts down animals for skins while also assisting in the establishment of a new trading company; and The Collector, who travels the West in search of oddities, rarities and anything else valuable.

Players can accrue experience toward any of these roles by partaking in missions and activities tied to their progression at anytime. This means Red Dead Online players could easily swap between hunting down bounties and tracking down lost treasures at their leisure, albeit at the cost of progressing through a role’s ranks as fast.

The post goes into much greater detail about each role’s abilities and progression requirements, all of which can be read in detail here.

The update likewise comes with several new features and quality of life fixes that will apply to Red Dead Online as a whole. While the post does promise more new features and fixes will be revealed closer to the updates release, all of the changes and new features mentioned as of this time can be found down below:

  • Enhanced player control with improved movement across phases of combat and locomotion
  • Character recreation option that doesn’t require loss of progress
  • Greater damage resistance while in Defensive playing style
  • New Ability Cards
  • New Daily Challenges and Daily Role Challenges
  • More Dynamic Events
  • New items
  • Free Roam Events tied to new Roles
  • Additional Stable slots
  • Improved selling prices for all jewelry
  • Lootable containers in ambient wagons
  • More custom outfit slots
  • Ability to name saved outfits in wardrobe
  • Weapon rebalancing to reduce reliance on headshots in PvP

Red Dead Online is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on all things Red Dead Redemption, check out our review of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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