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Nintendo Will No Longer Regularly Release NES and Super Nintendo Games on the Switch

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Nintendo Will No Longer Regularly Release NES and Super Nintendo Games on the Switch

During the recent Nintendo Direct, audiences were treated to some long-awaited news: Nintendo Switch Online subscribers would finally receive free Super Nintendo games on the Switch. While these games are now available for all subscribers, Nintendo also revealed that the momentous occasion comes with a slight caveat.

According to the official Japanese Nintendo website, new free games will be added irregularly instead of once a month. This scheduling change applies to NES and Super Nintendo games. Moreover, the news is only available on the Japanese site, as the official English Nintendo website does not mention the change in direction.

Nintendo has not elaborated on the new “schedule.” The company could plan to release new NES and Super Nintendo games several times a month, or perhaps Nintendo will continue to add titles on a monthly basis but alternate between focusing on the NES and Super Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch is bursting with classic NES titles, from Kid Icarus to Super Mario Bros. 3, but the console’s current library was due to a dedicated release schedule, a schedule that Nintendo has abandoned. While Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now play 20 fantastic Super Nintendo games, including Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, we don’t know when or even if the Switch’s Super Nintendo library will rival its NES game collection due to the change in scheduling.

Business Insider confirmed via email that Nintendo will keep audiences up to speed on upcoming NES and Super Nintendo games for the Nintendo Switch. However, much like the new irregular game launch schedule, we do not know when these announcements will occur.

Still, at least we have plenty of classic NES and Super Nintendo games to look forward to, even if they won’t release on a regular basis. With any luck, Nintendo will add classic titles such as Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG.

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