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New Hitman 2 Location Haven Island Revealed in Latest Trailer

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New Hitman 2 Location Haven Island Revealed in Latest Trailer

Hitman 2 is adding a new sandbox later this month. Called Haven Island, it’s a warm tropical paradise run by an organization who promises its clients will be able to disappear from the world on vacation. Agent 47, of course, will be making sure that’s a more permanent arrangement.

The update will launch on Sept. 24. It’s free for expansion pass owners, but there’s no information on standalone prices.

A new blog post from IO Interactive sets the scene:

“This new location transports players to the warm beaches and tropical paradise of the Maldives, where Agent 47 must travel under a fake identity and assume the role of a guest at the privately-owned Haven Island – headquarters of the world’s premiere reputation management service.

All guests are treated to the best possible service, food and every luxury you would imagine from a tropical island resort.”

Key features include:

  • New Location: Haven Island, Maldives
    Your new hub for all Haven Island content.
  • New Campaign Mission: The Last Resort
    Explore Haven Island, eliminate three targets and find your exit. Mission complete.
  • Full support for Contracts Mode
    Create your own contracts by choosing your targets and how to eliminate them – then compete with your friends!
  • 75+ new Challenges
    Complete Haven Island challenges to earn XP, plus complete all three Mission Story challenges to unlock a new weapon.
  • 20 Levels of Location Mastery
    Unlock starting locations, agency pickups and new items when you complete challenges and earn XP.
  • 5 new Location Mastery unlocks
    Get your hands on four new and unique items as well as a stylish new suit that you can use in any location.
  • 7 new Trophies / Achievements to earn
    Boost your gamerscore, collect trophies or unlock achievements.

You can check out the Haven Island trailer below:

Himan 2’s Haven Island follows on directly from the events at the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank New York.

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