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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Get Raider Rides

how to get raider rides in monster hunter world iceborne

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Get Raider Rides

The newest expansion for Monster Hunter World makes some much-needed quality of life changes and also bring in some new features that make hunting way more fun. Here’s how to get raider rides in Iceborne so that you can find large monsters more quickly.

How to Get Raider Rides in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Unlocking the raider rides in the Hoarfrost Reach region involves befriending the local Boaboa’s in the area.

Once you begin an expedition in the Hoarfrost region, your palico will tell you that the Boaboa are only interested in skillful hunters. Once you get this message, you will start to see the little Boaboa creatures watching/following you around the locale.

You have to then defeat just one of the large monsters on an expedition and you will get to a point when a huge group of the Boaboa will be surrounding you.

Your palico will then tell you to head back to the southern camp and you will see the Boaboa by the camp and then if you speak to them, they will talk about a proposal for you.

Now you just need to follow them to their camp, and they will assign you a quest titled “By Our Powers Combined.”

Complete the quest and then you will be able to use the raider ride tool in the Hoarfrost Reach. The tool will not have to be equipped as it will pop up in your toolbar next to your other tools.

What Raider Rides Are

By teaming up with small monsters in all of the different locales in Monster Hunter World, you can ride on top of them and by pinning an area or monster on your map, they’ll take you straight to where you need to go.

It’s much faster than running/walking around and can really help with time management. You can also use items while atop of them so that you can sharpen your sword and buff your character before heading into a battle.

And best of all, you can jump off of the raider ride to attack/mount a large monster upon first meeting, giving you the upper hand in battle.

To sum things up:

  1. Go on expeditions in the Hoarfrost Reach and wait until your Palico mentions that Boaboa.

  2. Defeat a large monster on an expedition and then the Boaboa will begin to follow you.

  3. Head back to your camp, speak to them, and then follow them to their base.

  4. Accept and complete the quest that they assign to you.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get raider rides in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. For more on the expansion, be sure to check out our extensive Wiki Guide and our scored review.

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