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Fortnite: Dance at Bat Statue, Way-Above-Ground Pool, Seat for Giants Locations (Boogie Down Mission)

fortnite dance at bat statue, seat for giants

Fortnite: Dance at Bat Statue, Way-Above-Ground Pool, Seat for Giants Locations (Boogie Down Mission)

With the arrival of week 6 in Fortnite Season X, there’s a new Mission with challenges for players to complete. To complete both the normal and prestige versions of one of the Boogie Down missions, players will need to ‘Dance in Front of a Bat Statue, in a Way-Above-Ground Pool, and a Seat for Giants.’ Here’s where you can find each of these to complete the challenge.

Bat Statue, Above-Ground Pool & Seat for Giants Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Bat Statue Location – B2

Fortnite Bat Statue Location

First off, let’s start with the bat statue. This can be found in Haunted Hills, right by the crypt on the west side of this named location. It’s also surrounded by a fence and stands fairly tall, so you shouldn’t have an issue finding it.

Fortnite Way-Above-Ground Pool Location

Fortnite Way-Above-Ground Pool location

As for this one, you’re going to need to head to the floating island introduced as part of the most recent update to Fortnite. Unfortunately, the floating island moves around above the map from game-to-game, so we can’t provide you with an exact location.

However, look for it on your map and when you’re in the battle bus to easily get this one done and dusted.

Where to Find Seat for Giants in Fortnite – D8

Fortnite Seat for Giants location

As for the seat for giants, you’re going to be sticking to the same, west side of the map, but heading south down to just south of Shifty Shafts and north of Happy Hamlet. It’s essentially a massive wooden structure by a few buildings that looks exactly like a chair. It’s pretty hard to miss.

How to Dance in Fortnite

To dance, all you need to do is press B on PC, or press down on your d-pad on any of the consoles to open up your emote wheel. Then simply press any of the emotes or dances that have a silhouette of a character doing a dance, and they’ll begin busting a move.

Do this right in front of the bat statue, seat for giants, and way-above-ground pool in Fortnite, and you’ll complete this Boogie Down Mission.

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