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Borderlands 3: How to Kill Dinklebot (Destiny Easter Egg)

borderlands 3 kill dinklebot

Borderlands 3: How to Kill Dinklebot (Destiny Easter Egg)

Easter Eggs aren’t anything new to video games. We’ve seen references to pop culture and other video games showing up where they seemingly shouldn’t for ages now, but Borderlands 3’s Destiny Easter Egg is a particularly great one. Here’s how to kill Dinklebot in Borderlands 3 and get the Loot-O-Gram.

How to Get Dinklebot Side Mission

Before you can go and hunt down little Dinklebot, you’ll need to get the side mission. This, unfortunately, seems to unlock at varying times for different players once you’ve at least reached Skywell-27, but can be found on the Notice Board on Sanctuary.

To find this, head towards the chest you unlock with Gold Keys, and you’ll find it directly opposite. A yellow “!” will appear here when there’s a new side mission available, so be sure to check here frequently.

You’ll visit this area during the Space-Laser Tag mission, so the earliest you’ll likely unlock it is after you’ve completed it. Others have found they’ve had to wait considerably longer for it to show up.

When it does eventually show on the notice board, collect it. The quest has a recommended level of 17, so it will likely pop up on there between levels 15-20.

How to Kill Dinklebot in Borderlands 3

To begin this mission, you’re going to need to grab it from the notice board and then make your way to Skywell-27 on Promethea.

Once here, you can simply follow the quest marker on your map when you’re tracking the ‘Kill Dinklebot’ mission. In short, it’s the area right by the way you get into the laser facility right in the northeast corner of the map.

When you arrive here, you’ll find Dinklebot in all of his orb-shaped glory floating about. He’s a level 18 enemy with a yellow health bar and shield.

This unique enemy will use other orbs to attack you, so shoot these as soon as they appear and then continue to shoot Dinklebot and use your Action Skill to help take it out.

How to Get Loot-o-Gram & What to Do With It

Borderlands 3 Dinklebot, loot-o-gram
Image Credit: Reddit – u/NebulaAnimations

After beating Dinklebot, it’ll drop the Loot-o-Gram legendary (gold) item. Pick this up, as you can hand it over to Crazy Earl.

In a nice little reference to Destiny, the Loot-o-Gram is then turned in and decrypted by Crazy Earl for a white loot drop. Yes, you heard that right, legendary engram… white drop. Let us explain this all a bit more below.

What’s the Story Behind Borderlands 3’s Dinklebot Destiny Easter Egg?

First off, the obvious reference here is Dinklebot. This refers to Destiny’s Ghost orb companion for players that was originally voiced by Peter Dinklage, before Bungie and Activision opted to replaced him with Nolan North further down the line due to limited availability on Dinklage’s part.

The Loot-o-Gram legendary part of this Destiny Easter Egg in Borderlands 3 is referencing how bad the exotic RNG was when the original Destiny first launched.

With Borderlands arguably being the looter shooter to kick off the many that have since come, it’s probably expected it’d make a tongue-in-cheek dig somewhere in Borderlands 3’s return to our screens.

That’s everything you need to know on how to kill Dinklebot in Borderlands 3 and see the Destiny Easter Egg. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki, or check out more of our guides below:

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