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New MediEvil Remake Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes With Other Ocean


New MediEvil Remake Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes With Other Ocean

The MediEvil remake has received a new trailer, providing incite into the lengths Other Ocean Interactive has gone to in preserving and updating the title.

Streamed via a post to the official PlayStation Blog, the trailer sees Other Ocean’s chief creative officer Mike Mika and executive producer Jeff Nachbaur discuss the challenges of updating MediEvil while keeping what people originally loved about it in mind.

“You don’t want to deliver an exact replica of that original game,” Mika says. “You want to deliver the game that people remember playing.”

It’s to this end that the team has striven to polish and enhance elements of the original game, giving a sheen to some of the most iconic moments from the game while also looking to add something new.

Fortunately, they’ve had some help, thanks in large part to elements of the original title that were scrapped but lived on through the source code made by the original game’s developer SCE Cambridge Studio.

“There are boss battles in (the source code) that have states that are just not in the final game, that they were working on and then were commented out,” Nachbaur says. “So we can see what their artistic design was and what they were trying to go after.”

Of course, Other Ocean’s developers also have elements and segments that they personally want to make shine brightly above all else, in particular because they spoke to them during their original playthroughs.

This includes specific levels like the Time Device level and the Hall of Heroes level, which Mika and Nachbaur each have fond memories of respectively.

It’s a nice dive into what has driven the team in their development of MediEvil’s remake, and a neat peak behind the curtain fans won’t want to miss.

The full trailer can be viewed down below. MediEvil’s PS4 remake is currently slated for release on Oct. 25, 2019.

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