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Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Gameplay Showcased in New Teaser


Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Gameplay Showcased in New Teaser

THQ Nordic is presenting the first gameplay teaser for its upcoming grand strategy game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, developed by Black Sea Games.

It’s the first time we’ve seen the sequel in action properly, which runs us through the game’s mix of turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay.

We get a better understanding of how the game’s various elements come together across the world map –politics, economics, battles– and how you’re able to jump in between the two modes of gameplay.

Particularly so, given that Knights of Honor 2 has been designed with accessibility in mind, billed as a modernized take on the original game. After all, grand Strategy games can be overwhelming unless you’re a genre veteran.

Key features you can expect in Knights of Honor II are as follows:

  • Accessible Grand Strategy – All the depth of religion, diplomacy, city development, and more, with none of the confusion
  • Real-Time Gameplay – Medieval Europe comes alive, no turns needed
  • Royal Court – Appoint Marshalls, Clerics, Merchants, Diplomats, and Spies to exert your will across the land
  • RTS Battles – Lead your armies directly in riveting RTS engagements
  • Robust Multiplayer – Join with multiple friends to take on the challenges of medieval Europe

Check out the gameplay teaser below:

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