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9 Games That Let You Flex Your Game Developer Muscles


9 Games That Let You Flex Your Game Developer Muscles

Creating a video game is one of the greatest feats of artistic creation. With years of painstaking work from multiple different skilled creators, it’s a miracle that the end product isn’t a jumbled cacophonous mess.

This becomes exceedingly clear when you try to create a game of your own. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, then here are a few games that let you try your hand at the art of making video games.

Super Mario Maker Series 

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The Super Mario franchise is known the world over for its platforming gameplay. The idea that Nintendo would give the world access to the tools to create Mario levels was unthinkable before the Wii U release.

Thank Iwata (or any other deity) that they did, because Mario Maker is one of the best level creation tools out there. The first title was great and the upgrades in the second only made the franchise better.

Despite the fact that the finite pool of assets can be limiting, the best creators have proven to be exceptionally resourceful. And even though you’re slightly limited, the tools at your disposal are still numerous.

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