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Garry’s Mod: How to Save Your Game World

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Garry’s Mod: How to Save Your Game World

With all the hours you’ve probably put into Garry’s Mod, whether by creating or causing havoc, saving your game world is a must. Luckily, there’s an easy way to save your progress and make sure any of your project aren’t wiped.

You can save by holding Q, bringing up the menu, and then clicking on the Saves tab towards the right. Here, you’ll find a Save button. There’s a faster way to do this, however.

While in the game, simply hit F6 to quick save your game. This is the simplest and easiest method, and probably the one you’re going to use. BUT, if you’d like to complicate the process, there is another method of saving your game.

Alternatively, you can use console commands. First, enable the console by heading to the Options section of the main menu. Go into Advanced options and check mark the box that enables the console. Now you can bring up the console by hitting the tilde key on your keyboard (the little squiggle that looks like this: ~). Type in “gm_save” (without the quotation marks) and hit enter. This will make a save state.

By the way, console commands can do other nifty things in Garry’s Mod, like turning on third person or kicking annoying players.

Now that you’re all geared up with your F6 key, get out there and start saving to your heart’s content.

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