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Control: Best Weapon Forms, All 5 Ranked

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Control: Best Weapon Forms, All 5 Ranked

Control has up to five Weapon Forms that you can unlock and upgrade while exploring the FBC building. Purchasing these weapons can be costly, so it’s natural that you might want to know what the best Weapon Forms in Control are ahead of time so you don’t waste money on something you won’t like.

First let’s get the cop out answer out of the way: whatever weapons you like best and play best with are the ones you should buy and upgrade first.

There’s no PvP meta or anything like that in Control that you have to worry about. So just buy ’em all and then try ’em all.

Finally, if you haven’t unlocked all the Weapon Forms yet, be sure to check out our guide for how to do just that.

If you’re looking for recommendations though, below we’ve ranked our favorites from least useful to best.

Control: Best Weapon Forms

5. Charge

Charge is kind of a niche weapon despite how cool it is and fun it is to use. It essentially is a rocket launcher and can fire up to three rockets at once once fully charged.

However, the pathing of the rockets can be unpredictable and the explosion radius isn’t as big as it looks. Plus, it has a long reload time and the charge time means you’re a sitting duck for a few seconds.

In tight spaces, it’s very easy to accidentally blow yourself up, and in big spaces it can be hard to land shots.

For a big target with lots of HP, it’s honestly better to work the Evade-Shatter-Launch combo to take them down rather than hanging back hoping you hit enemies with Charge.

The one use we found for it is that it’s quite effective at bringing down large packs of flying enemies that can sometimes be annoying to hit otherwise, assuming you can time out the connection well. It’s also not bad for taking out packs of enemies from far away if you’re truly afraid of getting too close.

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