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10 Games That Are Way Better When Played With a Friend


10 Games That Are Way Better When Played With a Friend

Playing games solo is all well and good, but sometimes bringing a buddy along for the ride can make an experience that much better. To that end, these are 10 games that are much better when played with a friend.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves, Games That Are Much Better With a Friend

Setting out on the high seas to build up your pirate legend in Sea of Thieves is no easy task. Or at least, that’s the case before you decide to bring a friend along for the ride.

With an extra hand on deck, sailing around the dangerous seas of the world become a cakewalk. Enemy ships can be spotted and shot down in quick succession, and one person can focus on patching up damage done by cannon fire while the other continues to barrage hostiles with cannon fire of their own.

Exploring uncharted isles is likewise better with a companion. Sure, legions of skeletons with pension for slicing you into pirate chunks is still intimidating; but with the help of a friend, you can keep those boney bunches distracted while they make off with all the treasure you and your crew could ever need to fund your myriad adventures.

Throw in the general hijinks of shooting each other out of cannons, drinking bucket loads of grog at taverns and otherwise immersing yourselves in the world, and you’ve got a great time just waiting to be had between you and your best mate.

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