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Star Citizen’s Crowdfunding Total Passes 230 Million Dollars

Star Citizen Squadron 42

Star Citizen’s Crowdfunding Total Passes 230 Million Dollars

The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen appears to be unstoppable, as another milestone has been reached and overtaken.

Today Cloud Imperium Games’ space simulator passed 230 million dollars in crowdfunding. To be more precise the total is $230,062,641 at the moment of this writing.

On the other hand, 2,348,204 users have registered an account, even if it’s unclear how many of those are actually paying players.

This means that the game earned over $350,000 in the twenty-or-so hours which followed the launch of alpha 3.6 alongside the new Anvil Ballista self-propelled defense vehicle.

That being said, the next few months are going to be interesting: Alpha 3.6 included the implementation of a Kiosk system that allows players to purchase a large variety of ships with credits acquired in the game.

While the previous versions of the alpha did include the ability to purchase ships, it was restricted to a very limited range of models. Large investments were never really required to enjoy the game, but today’s implementation is much closer to the final goal, which is to have every single ship available for purchase with in-game credits.

This might slow down the crowdfunding flow considering that real money isn’t required anymore to play with your favorite ship. We’ll have to wait a few weeks to fully gauge potential visible effects on Star Citizen’s funding.

For the sake of full disclosure, you should probably keep in mind that the author of this article is among the backers of the game since the original Kickstarter campaign a long time ago.

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