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Inside & Limbo Developer Has Been Stealthily Teasing Images of its Next Game


Inside & Limbo Developer Has Been Stealthily Teasing Images of its Next Game

Officially, developer Playdead has teased just two images of its untitled next adventure game. At least, that’s what we thought. As it turns out, they’ve actually been quietly releasing several more alongside various job listings.

Prior to the discovery made by PCGamer, there had been precious little in the way of clues as to what Playdead has been working on for the past three years since releasing their critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Inside.

One image of an astronaut climbing a mountain with a meteor shooting across the background sky, and another of a man silhouetted against the entrance of a tunnel had led some to jokingly dub the game “Outside.”

A number of new images stumbled upon recently, though, give us a little more to go on. They’re all fairly similar sort of tone pieces, depicting a sci-fi setting with a somber tone typical of Playdead’s body of work. You can check them out in the gallery below:

As for details on the nature of the actual gameplay experience, there’s still not much to go on. An interview with DK last year claims that Playdead will ditch its 2.5D design for a 3D experience this time around, and founder Arnt Jensen has previously alluded to “more fluid gameplay and empathy” as core concepts.

Playdead’s smash-hit 2D puzzle-platformers Limbo and Inside came to Nintendo Switch last year, a platform we particularly enjoyed playing them on.

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