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Fortnite: Where to Score a Goal on Indoor Soccer Pitch (Season 9 Overtime Challenge)


Fortnite: Where to Score a Goal on Indoor Soccer Pitch (Season 9 Overtime Challenge)

Just as we got back in Season 7, Overtime challenges have come to grace us in Fortnite Season 9. Providing players with something to work their way through between now and the end of the season following the release of the week 10 challenges last week, one Overtime challenge tasks players to “Score a goal on an Indoor Soccer Pitch.” Here’s how to complete this challenge.

Indoor Soccer Pitch Location in Fortnite – C5

Fortnite indoor soccer pitch location

The indoor soccer pitch has been on Fortnite’s map for quite some time, but if you’re still unsure of its location, you want to head to grid reference C5.

This is just west of Neo Tilted and east of Snobby Shores. Once you arrive here, you’ll spot a swimming pool, taco shop, gas station, and a long building running along the south of this area. It looks like this:

fortnite score a goal on indoor soccer pitch

This is the indoor soccer pitch. You’ll find doors to get in at both the east and west ends of the building to get in, but you can always use your harvester to hack your way inside.

How to Score a Goal on an Indoor Soccer Pitch

Now that you’re here and inside, simply run onto the pitch right in the center of this building. You’ll find the soccer ball right in the center of the pitch at the kick-off spot if you arrive there first, but be warned it’s probably going to get very busy if you’re landing here at the start of a game, and so the ball has probably already been kicked around by other players.

score a goal on indoor soccer pitch, Fortnite overtime challenges

All you need to do to score a goal is simply walk into the ball and you’ll kick it in the direction you’re facing. Continue to do this until your score a goal in either net on the indoor soccer pitch and you’ll have successfully completed this Overtime challenge in Fortnite.

That’s everything you need to know to score a goal on an indoor soccer pitch in Fortnite Season 9 for the Overtime challenges. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

If you’re still polishing off the remaining Fortbytes in Season 9, you can find guides for the most recent ones down below.

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