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Dr Mario World: How to Get Coins Fast

how to get coins fast in dr mario world

Dr Mario World: How to Get Coins Fast

Dr Mario World is now out for iOS and Android devices and you can relive the classic puzzle game by using your smartphone. Like any other Nintendo-developed mobile title, there’s a couple of things to collect, such as coins and diamonds. Here’s how to get coins fast in Dr Mario World.

How to Get Coins Fast in Dr Mario World

Coins in Dr Mario World are used to unlock new doctors and assistant characters that can prove to be useful during stages and versus matches against your friends. There are several different ways to gather up these shiny items so let’s go over all of the different ways to make sure you’re getting coins as fast as you possibly can.

Check Orders

If you’re looking at the main map screen of Dr Mario World, you will see an icon on the top right with a piece of paper that’s titled as Orders. By going to this section, you can see all of your “quests” that will reward you with coins once they’re completed. Once completed, the orders will refresh every day and you’ll have more to complete.

Clear New Stages

If you advance in the main story and complete new stages, you will be rewarded with about 100 coins or so. The further you get, the more coins you will collect.

Daily Gifts

On the bottom left of the map screen, you will see an icon labeled as Shop. You can go here to purchase diamonds by using real-world money and you can also receive daily gifts for no charge at all. These gifts will be different every day, but sometimes you may receive a good amount of coins by just checking it every day and tapping on the gift.

Versus Matches

In Dr Mario World, you’re able to battle against friends and random players in intense one-on-one versus matches that will reward you with coins if you win. You can go to this mode by tapping on the huge gold trophy on the bottom right of the map screen and then pressing on the versus button.

Gathering Coins

And last but not least, you will constantly see coins scattered across the map screen. All you have to do is press on them and they will be added to your coin bank. These seem to refresh every time you complete a stage, so make sure to grab them to get yourself some easy coins.

Just keep doing all of these things every time you log in to Dr Mario World and you should be getting tons of coins in no time flat.

That’s all you need to know about how to get coins fast in Dr Mario World. For more guides on the mobile game, here are a few below to get you started.

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