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Dr Mario World: How to Unlock & Play Versus Mode

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Dr Mario World: How to Unlock & Play Versus Mode

Enjoying Dr Mario World so far? Maybe you want to try something more challenging? Well then versus mode is for you! It’s time to fasten your lab coat and grab that stethoscope, because it’s time to battle the players! Here’s how to play versus mode in Dr Mario World.

How to Unlock and Play Versus Mode in Dr Mario World

Versus mode Dr Mario

You need to clear stage 20 of the game in order to unlock versus mode, which isn’t too difficult. But be warned, the gameplay is a lot more suspenseful, and you’ll need to be strategic AND timely to secure a win against your opponent.
Once you unlock and select the versus mode icon at the bottom of the screen, Dr. Toad (I don’t think he has a medical license but we’ll let it slide) will take you through a demo versus battle, so you can get to grips with how everything works.

Demo Versus Battle

You will notice it’s pretty similar to the solo gameplay, except you have now got an opponent working on their stage with you. You can see how far they are progressing and, once you have built up enough power, can wreak some serious havoc.

You can hit your opponent’s stage with a new row of virus’ if you fill up your attack gauge! Depending on your doctor’s attack power, you can even send multiple rows!
The higher the gauge is, the stronger the attack, but it will take longer to charge up. Different doctors fill meters at different rates, so play around with alternate characters instead of same old Mario. The Map in your top right shows the opponent’s stage so that you can send over viruses at just the right time, in order to completely foil their win.

When it’s your opponent’s turn to take a swing at you, there is one saving grace. You have a chance to defend against any attack, so you better hope that luck’s on your side if you’re struggling to stop the germs from taking over.

You are still able to use Dr skills in versus mode, and they could not be more vital. It’s very fast and intense against real players, so you can’t just play casually like you would by yourself. Get your head in the game, and give your opponent more virus’ they can handle!

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock and play versus mode in Dr Mario World. For more tips on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides down below.

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