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Dr Mario World: How to Beat Level 9

dr mario world, how to beat level 9

Dr Mario World: How to Beat Level 9

Dr Mario World, Nintendo’s newest mobile title inspired by the classic puzzle title from 1990, is out now and if you’ve been playing through the opening stages of the game, you’re probably wondering how to beat level 9. If so, check out the rest of this guide for some pointers and tips that should help you clear the viruses with ease.

How to Beat Level 9 in Dr Mario World

The initial opening levels in Dr Mario World are pretty easy to get through if you follow the tips and tutorials that the game gives to you, but getting past level 9 will prove to be a bit more difficult unless you think ahead before you release those colored capsules.

Level 9 requires you to clear a whopping total of 28 viruses with only 15 capsules and the level is filled with bricks and also one yellow-colored Koopa shell.

Starting off with the Yellow pill that everyone seems to start off with, make sure to drop that one underneath the Koopa shell vertically, knocking away one line of the blocks that stands in your way. This leaves a whole bunch of viruses wide open for the kill.

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If you end up getting a red, blue, or yellow pill with matching colors on both ends, you should drop that one horizontally to knock out a pair of the colored viruses that sit on the lower level of bricks. This will clear tons of space by ridding the level of a majority of the bricks.

Once you work on getting rid of the lower bricks, it should be smooth sailing from here. One tip to keep in mind is that once you match up three colors, you might have an extra part of the pill that will slowly rise up and fall into place.

You can actually slide these little circles left and right quickly before they rise to the top of the level to place it anywhere you would like –it definitely helps when you need just one more specific color to clear a set of viruses.

Also, if you get any colored pills that you don’t need, try to place them in specific places so that you can use them as stepping stones for other colored blocks that you actually need. Try not to just randomly throw them around the stage to get them out of the way –every pill can be useful if you think ahead.

Thankfully, you’ll have unlimited hearts (stamina) to use in this section of the game, around level 9, so you don’t have to worry about losing multiple times. After you get a feel of the level, it should make things easier as you learn from your mistakes.

And that is everything you need to know about how to beat level 9 in Dr Mario World. As we play more of the new mobile game from Nintendo, we’ll definitely be writing up more guides and tips for you guys to check out –just search Twinfinite.

As always, if you have any further questions about how to beat level 9, feel free to shoot us a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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