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Dr Mario World: How to Get Diamonds (All Microtransactions Prices)

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Dr Mario World: How to Get Diamonds (All Microtransactions Prices)

Nintendo has just released yet another mobile game for iOS and Android devices and yes, the doctor is back in business. If you’re wondering how to get diamonds or trying to see how much the microtransactions cost, look no further.

How to Get Diamonds and How Much They Cost

Considering that Dr Mario World is a free-to-start title from Nintendo, there are, of course, microtransactions all over the place, in case you were wondering.

The microtransactions this time around act as diamonds are needed if you want to buy useful items or continue a level after failing to rid all of the viruses. You can also use diamonds to purchase new playable doctors and assistants once you pass level 20.

In order to purchase diamonds, you have to press on the top middle button with the diamond icon or press the shop button on the bottom-left of the map screen.

how to get diamonds, microtransactions in dr mario world

There are several different packages that you can purchase right now and we have a list of them down below:

  • 75 (limited time sale): $4.99
  • 20: $1.99
  • 53: $4.99
  • 110: $9.99
  • 250: $19.99
  • 550: $39.99
  • 1050: $69.99

Keep in mind that purchased diamonds cannot be transferred between different operating systems. So if you log into your account on a different smartphone or a different device, your diamonds will not be carried over.

There are bonus diamonds that the game will give to you from time to time, and those can be carried over as bonus diamonds.

And that is everything you need to know about how to get diamonds in Dr Mario World. For more on the mobile title, keep it here at Twinfinite. As we play more of the new game, we will definitely be writing up more guides and tips for you guys to check out.

As always, feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions about this particular guide.

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