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Dr Mario World: How to Get More Hearts

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Dr Mario World: How to Get More Hearts

If you’re busy fighting evil viruses as Dr Mario in Nintendo’s latest mobile puzzle game, you might be wondering how you can keep stocked up on hearts – or how to get some back after a few tough levels. With that, here’s how to get more hearts in Dr Mario World.

How to Get More Hearts in Dr Mario World

In Dr Mario World, hearts are an essential part of gameplay. Each time you enter a stage it will cost you one heart, but beating a stage will reward you with one heart.

For the first few levels of the game, you likely won’t be running out of hearts often, however, when you do inevitably run out, there are a few different ways to get more hearts:

  • Wait for hearts to restore automatically over time
  • Request hearts from Facebook friends by linking your account
  • Get hearts from Dr Mario World friends
  • Buy hearts using diamonds, obtainable through in-app purchases

Firstly, hearts will replenish over time – so you can just play the waiting game until you receive more. Your current amount of hearts are displayed in the top left of the screen when on the stage overworld, this section will also tell you how long you have to wait to receive another if you drop below the maximum of 5.

You can easily request hearts in Dr Mario World from Facebook friends after reaching stage 20 by tapping ask for hearts via the heart counter, thereby linking your Facebook account. Another way to get hearts for free is by receiving them as gifts from friends you’ve added in-game. You can view your doc box by tapping get hearts which shows any current gifts.

If you like, you can also buy more hearts using diamonds, a currency available through Dr Mario World in-app purchases. Simply access the shop by tapping the diamond counter in the top center of the screen when on the stage overworld. From here you can select how many diamonds you wish to purchase.

Currently, 5 hearts cost 10 diamonds. Hearts also come in the form of 60 minutes of infinite play, which can be purchased for 30 diamonds.

These tips should ensure you keep a steady influx of hearts in Dr Mario World, that is if you’re happy to wait it out, pester your friends, or spend some cash.

That is everything you need to know about how to get more hearts in Dr Mario World. For more on the new mobile title, keep checking back here at Twinfinite for coverage as we continue to play through the game.

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