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Black Desert for PS4 Gets Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer

Black Desert Online

Black Desert for PS4 Gets Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer

Today pre-orders for the PS4 version of Black Desert Online (simply dubbed “Black Desert” to distinguish it from the PC version) are going live, and a release date has been announced.

The game will be available for those who want to play it on Sony’s console on August 22, so the wait isn’t as long as some may have expected.

Alongside the announcement, we also get a gameplay trailer, which you can watch at the bottom of the post to get a clearer idea of what the game looks like.

Black Desert is one of the most technologically-advanced MMORPGs on the market, including a top-notch character creator, super-fast action-based command, and a massive open world that is continuously expanded.

The Buy to Play business model means that, while there is a price of admission, all updates and expansions are completely free for anyone who purchased the game, and that’s a lot of content coming on a regular basis.

It’s PS4 version was announced back at E3 after a period of Xbox exclusivity on consoles, while the PC version Black Desert Online has been around for a long time.

Pre-orders should pop up today on the official site, with prices likely comparable to the Xbox One version that was released a while ago.

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