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The Steam Summer Sale is Live & Has Plenty of Great Deals on Popular Games

steam summer sale

The Steam Summer Sale is Live & Has Plenty of Great Deals on Popular Games

Valve has launched its annual Steam Summer Sale, and servers are inevitably buckling under the weight of all the incoming traffic. Once everything has settled down, though, customers will have the chance to score some seriously cheap deals on a bunch of popular games until July 9.

This year, it’s a racing-themed event, with a metagame called the Steam Grand Prix that rewards players with free games for ticking off various quests and achievements.

The description reads:

“Welcome to the summer event you’ve been training for, the 2019 Steam Grand Prix! Team up with friends to complete quests, earn personal rewards, and race to the finish each day of the Summer Sale.”

In terms of the actual discounts on offer right now, some of the big names include Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Devil May Cry 5, and Life Is Strange 2.

There are discounts running across genres and franchises, too, with turn-based strategy games currently featuring on the front page as of right now. Franchise-wide discounts include up to 70% off Mortal Kombat games, 85% off Just Cause games, and 72% off Assassin’s Creed games.

We’ll no doubt have a feature incoming with our top picks from the bunch, so stay tuned for that. For now, try to control yourself from spending too much and adding an impossible number of games to your backlog.

The Steam Summer Sale is typically the biggest of its regular special offers, like the recent Spring Cleaning Event, and sporadic events like the Golden Week Sale.

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