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Sega Pledges To “Be a Game Changer” With New Trailer

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Sega Pledges To “Be a Game Changer” With New Trailer

Today Sega released a brand new trailer expressing its mission for the future.

The trailer showcases the products and services offered by the company, and of course, games are front and center, starting with the consoles and arcade machines from Sega’s past.

Moving on to the present day, we see Phantasy Star Online 2, the Total War series, the Yakuza series, Sonic, Persona 5, and more.

And yes, they certainly didn’t miss the chance to include a sneak appearance of Segata Sanshiro. He’ll never be forgotten.

The trailer mentions that the company’s aim is to deliver moving experiences, unparalleled ideas, and unique products that no one else can create, alongside unique services that no one else can offer.

Keywords are “surprise,” “enthusiasm,” and “happiness,” and the company is proud that the world expects that from Sega. The video ends with the pledge to “be a game changer.”

You can watch it below and see if it gets you excited for the publishers’ upcoming lineup of games. If you want to read more about Sega‘s plans and results, you can check out our dedicated article about its latest financial figures.

Personally, they’re bringing back Sakura Wars. That’s game-changing enough for me.

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