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Roguelike Unexplored 2 Gets a Gorgeous New Trailer During E3 2019 PC Game Show


Roguelike Unexplored 2 Gets a Gorgeous New Trailer During E3 2019 PC Game Show

The roguelike exploration game Unexplored 2 was showcased for the first time today at the E3 2019 PC Game Show in a gorgeous new trailer that really highlights its aesthetic, as well as the grander scale of the sequel.

“Unexplored 2 is a hardcore roguelike with a big emphasis on creating a sense of adventure. But how you interact with the world and the choices you make can have big consequences on your subsequent playthroughs,” the game’s official description reads.

The sequel title is much more ambitious than the original game, which was set across a more conventional level design. This time, players will be able to explore a much grander and more open environment.

Over on PCGamer, creator Joris Dormans says of the game:

We want to put the adventure first, and really try to double down on the sense of narrative and accomplishing this thing”

“That’s one of the things that I really love about roguelikes: If you pull off a win, it really is your win. It’s not just the hoops that we set up for you to jump through. It’s your story. And that story becomes so much more interesting if there are actually narrative choices in there, with consequences, with a history that you’ve built up with the world.

What I hope is that when players beat the game for the first time… I almost want them to feel sorrow for having to leave that world behind, because they are invested in it. I don’t know if we can pull that off, but that’s a design target for me.”

The game will launch in Early Access first and is actually playable today via Fig’s recent Open Access program. It’s an open-ended crowdfunding campaign where backers can get access to the game, and there’s a roadmap that shows what the developers plan to work on as development progresses.

“Our ability to finish Unexplored 2 is not dependent on the success of this campaign,” the page reads. “While any additional funds derived from a fruitful run on Fig would certainly go towards increasing the scale and quality of the finished game, raising cash isn’t our primary motivation. Community feedback is the reason we’re here.”

You can sign up for access here as soon as Unexplored 2 goes live for Early Access.

You can read much more about the development of Unexplored 2 over at PCGamer, and check out the trailer for yourself below:

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