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Project xCloud Will Let You Stream Directly from Your Xbox One, Previews Coming in October

project xcloud

Project xCloud Will Let You Stream Directly from Your Xbox One, Previews Coming in October

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer came on stage at the Microsoft E3 show to talk a bit about the functionality of Microsoft’s hybrid gaming cloud, Project xCloud.

Microsoft first announced it was working on the new service last fall.

According to Microsoft, “Our goal with Project xCloud is to deliver a quality experience for all gamers on all devices that’s consistent with the speed and high-fidelity gamers experience and expect on their PCs and consoles.” The cloud technology will allow players on mobile platforms to play console games that were previously inaccessible to them by utilizing Microsoft’s various data centers worldwide.

The biggest new detail revealed at E3 was that the platform will utilize technology that allows you to stream games from Project xCloud or your own at home game collection directly from your personal Xbox One for free.

According to Microsoft, this means you will be able to stream your entire Xbox One library, even all the games included in Xbox Game Pass, onto mobile devices while on the go.

This essentially treats your Xbox One console like your own personal xCloud server you can use for free.

Spencer continues on to say only two months ago, Microsoft connected all Xbox developers to Projext xCloud. E3 will house the first public showing of the service over the next coming days.

Beginning tests of Project xCloud in the past have run games on devices including mobile phones and tablets while paired with an Xbox Wireless Controller through Bluetooth.

Project xCloud is promised to preview in October 2019.

Right after this announcement, Microsoft also finally released some details on its next-gen console, Project Scarlett.

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