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Pokemon Gets Legendary Duo Figure Portraying Ho-Oh & Lugia

pokemon figure Ho-Oh Lugia (Crop)

Pokemon Gets Legendary Duo Figure Portraying Ho-Oh & Lugia

If you’d like to dwell into your memories of Pokemon Silver and Gold, MegaHoise might have exactly the figure you need.

Today the manufacturer made a legendary duo figure portraying Ho-Oh and Lugia available for pre-orders at multiple Japanese retailers. You can find it at AmiAmi for 8,410 yen, which translates into approximately $77.

The figure will be released in late November. It’s sculpted by Jun Gotou and painted by Matsuda Model for approximately 230 mm in height.

“The “G.E.M. EX Series Pokemon” which showcases the bonds between Pokemon presents a figure of “Ho-Oh & Lugia”.
Ho-Oh is sculpted boldly spreading its beautifully colored wings. Lugia is also spreading its large powerful wings in this figure. The result is a figure that truly lets you enjoy the impressive power of these legendary Pokemon found in the Johto region.

It includes effect parts for flames and the ocean making it enjoyable to view from all 360 degrees and giving it a satisfying volume.
Immerse yourself in the world of Pokemon by displaying this figure with those G.E.M.’s previously released Pokemon series (sold separately)!”

You can check a few images below and see what they look like.

If you’re into Pokemon, you may want to know that Sword and Shield is coming on November 15, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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